Common Mistakes In The Gym

Common Gym Mistakes

In my 3 years experience of training at the gym, I’ve seen many people who work out the wrong way. They didn’t look like someone who is new to body building. And with this post, I want to point out the most common mistake when doing gym, no matter you are a newbie or have been working out for a long time.


Common mistakes in the gym

1. Train too heavy/light.

This mistake I usually find it on the kinny/not too skinny/normal guys. When you train too heavily, your posture often become not precise, and this will affect your training session’s quality and will make you vulnerable to injuries. My advice: you should start with the amount of training that makes you feel comfortable and focus on correcting your posture.


Train too heavy

2.Wrong posture.

This mistake often comes along with the first one. I’ve seen guys with bad shoulder but still try to lift a weight. The weight was too heavy and he had to focus all his strength to push the weight up and finish the session. This will only makes your shoulder injuries last longer. One more example, is with the Barbell Curl. This guy lean all the way to the front and put too much strength on the weight that each time he roll up his arms to train the front muscles, the weight almost fly up and hit his face. This does not only affect his back but also his shoulder and tendons on his arms. My advice, you should always find a guide or a trainer to help you before starting any session


Wrong posture

3. Use speed and strength to finish the exercise.

I’ve seen many people train too fast because the amount of weight they took was too much and that makes them feel uncomfortable. So they had to use strength and speed to finish the exercise. There are exercise that require the taker to push the weigh very fast, while others require slow pushing. You must first research to see what the exercise require to build up the muscle group you are focusing on.


4. Leaving the gym without letting your muscle to loosen.

You have finish your training session to the heart’s content, and now about to leave. And so you made another little mistake that most people make, and that is not letting your muscle to loosen. This will help you rest your muscle and stretch them out. With this your body will move more flexible after training.


5. Talk to much.

I have to admit, i really don’t like those who go to the gym just to talk a lot about the things around you. If you are a talkative person, you should know that you are annoying to other people around you in the gym. And that if you talk to much it will affect not only your training session but other’s as well. My advice: always bring a music player with you. Listening to music will help you stay active and focus more on your exercises. It also signal to the talkative ones that “hey talkative, I am not interested in your story”


Talk to much :))

6.Only work 1 kind of exercise for a long time.

You don’t change your exercises type. Everyday you go to the gym, do the same exercises for a too long time. All of the above is hindering the development of your muscles. My advice: Don’t get too much into 1 exercise set. Change it once in a while to challenge yourself.



So above are the common mistakes that I’ve met over the years with my experience. Hope this can help you avoid them to get the most out of your training sessions.


My Hell

As you know, I really like going to the gym since I was younger, and it has become one of my everyday need for living. Just imagine I was addicted to working out, and you can maybe understand how much I liked gym. But then, I got injured on my knee as a result of the excessive trainning. Well there’s a saying “No pain, no gain” so i had mentally prepared myself for when I got injured, or at least that’s what I thought. I could handle the pain on my knee, it’s not that hurt anyway. What really hurt me, was that i couldn’t go to the gym and workout. I thought I could handle it too, but I was never been so wrong since I started being addicted to gym. It was hell.


Knee Pain – My hell

I had spent everyday of my recovering period going to the gym, watching others doing crossfit, squat, etc. And I really miss the feeling when I was doing those things. I really wanted to charge in and do a few squat, as well as other excercises. But I couldn’t do so, my injured knee needed more time to recover and had I done what I wanted then, it will be the last gym session for me. I could see what’s better to do, so I just stand there and watch them work. I really wanted to cried. However, I still had hope, that I could train myself again once my knee completely recovered. I kept my hope, and went to search for the solution. And I had found the knee sleeves, as you all knew. A way for me to go to the gym, to work out as hard as I could again. And to this day, I am still thankful that I had kept my hope, so that today I could work out again. Since then, I was more carefull when work out. And I hope that I will never have to go through that hell again.



How Knee Sleeves Helped My Life

I often go to the gym and take many excercise like squat, crossfit…. These excercise put a lot of pressure on my knees and make it vulnerable to injuries. Then one day my knees got injured as a result of continuous excessive trainning. since then everytime i do excercise my knees got in so much pain, i cannot keep up. I thought i have to give up going to the gym, but then ii found out about knee sleeves, a supportive cloth that wrap around your knees and protect it.

Running injury, knee pain

Knee Pain Injury

I really wish i found out about it sooner. But it’s better late than never, i decided to find the best knee sleeves i could afford. After a while of using, i find that knee sleeves are really effective. The pain i had to take while working out before, now they are greatly reduced. These knee sleeves are also very durable. I only had to replace them once in 5 years of using. Before using these sleeves, each time i try to bend my knees the injuries hurt so much i could barely breath, but now these pain don’t show up anymore, i can comfortably do everything i use to do before they got injured. And they also support my knees to heal faster, which can also make the pain to completely go away.


I am really satisfied with the result these sleeves brought, and i am happy that i found these sleeves. I can now take excercise again like before, without any worry about the old injuries or getting injured again as these sleeves also protect my knees from any new injuries that may happen while doing it. I am really lucky that i could now doing what i enjoy doing the most withought any worry thanks to these knee sleeves.