About Me

As simple as this may sound I’m a regular guy who likes exercise, specifically strength training. I’ve learned a considerable amount about exercise and nutrition online, from books, and experience. However, I wasn’t always able to figure out what was helpful or a waste of time. Not everyone researches how to refine their training and unknowingly settle with what may be faulty advice. I want to extend what I’ve learned – from others and by myself – to help others in their own endeavors.

In high school, my friend asked me to join shot put where I really embraced weightlifting. I then began asking questions in forums, then answering others’ questions, and now I regularly have family and friends asking for my help. Eventually, I realized I had many ideas I wanted to share with other people. As a result this blog was born. I’m not an “expert” by any means, but I provide whatever help I can. It’s important to note,
While my parents would have loved it, I am not a board certified doctor, registered dietitian, nutritionist, or professional of any sort. I am not certified by any governing institution. If you have an injury, illness, or condition that requires medical care, please use common sense and immediately seek out and consult with a board certified practitioner.
After interning for 10 months, I became an assistant coach at Krank in Nutley, NJ in the start of 2015.
What I write reflects my viewpoints on strength training and various topics. It is purely opinion based on my experiences. I also do not generate any revenue from this site, the posts, or any of the links listed throughout the site.


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